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Funny Nepali Jokes or Chutkila - All in Nepali Fonts (नेपाली जोक्स चुत्किला)

nepali jokes or Chutkila, dhaka topi

Funny Jokes in Nepali Fonts (नेपाली जोक्स चुत्किला)

Laughter is the best medicine. But how to laugh if there is no reasons or causes. Jokes is the most popular medium for making others laugh. There are many joke site in english language and others. But jokes in nepali fonts or language are very few. Nepal is developing country and very badly affected by politics, so there are lots of shatters for nepali politicians and make jokes on them. If you have politics, then you are very lucky to find this site to laugh on non-political and pure funny nepali jokes which contains interesting jokes with riddles.
Here are few of my favourite nepali jokes from the site, if you like to read more, go to the address to laugh more to be healthy forever.

Funny Nepali Jokes or Chutkila in Nepali Fonts 

(नेपाली जोक्स चुत्किला)

What is ?

Nepali Photofunia or is new website that is built using latest technology like HTML5 and CSS3. So you need latest version browsers like firefox and google chrome to take full advantage of this app.
You can find easy to read Nepali Online Library of Nepali Literature like kabita, muktak, gazal etc. all in attractive photo style which increase the value of the matter.
Make Greeting cards, Nepali jokes and anything you want using khitkhit editor. There are more than hundreds of Nepali jokes, tukka, ukhan, gaun khane katha. Have you heard photo funia, it's very popular and realistic photo effects creator. Similarly you can make effects for nepalese i.e. face change in Newari dress, Sherpa hat, Nepali dhaka topi and other national flags and stuffs.
As we all know that facebook, hi5, myspace, twitter etc. are very popular and daily used by nepali users to upload photo, share feelings and comments on other's view in nepali language. Actually it is unicode language, so to change your nepali or preeti type to unicode or convert roman to unicode is very easy using 3 flavours of unicode converters. It's the full pack fun and useful tools for Nepal and Nepalese.

Nepali Jokes on Pen and Knife

chutkila on Toilet Paper

hahaha on "attract girl riding bike" (Nepali jokes or chutkila)

Nepali Jokes on 3 dead girls in yemalok

good chutkila on I love you

 Khitkhit presents Nepali Jokes (नेपाली जोक्स चुत्किला) for your entertainment.

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Dreaming most expensive cars ? Frames with flowers border near black vehicle

Driving most expensive cars is a dream for most of us. It's just virtual thing, or driving them in game playing or in photos editing and sharing online. Here is also one of the expensive black vehicle with frame surrounding by flowers standing near the car.

Placing photo on this awesome photo effects template and realistic lighting effects is so cool. Try you pictures on this car frames at : -

Expensive black car with beautiful flower frame with amazing lighting effects


Frame your photo on this flower border with stylish expensive black car 


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Picture Borders Free : Frame your photo with beautiful frame borders

Picture by itself is worth of thousand words. Experiment by posting a photo of popular person and his/her textual information separately on the facebook. The photo will surely get more comments, likes and shares than his/her personal information. So image is so powerful medium to share something online.

The picture can be even powerful when it is framed or decorated with interesting picture borders. Like round borders, wooden borders, flower borders applied to any photos definitely increase impression value of it. So make you image look even better by applying beautiful frame borders like below.

Frame your photo with beautiful picture borders

frame photos with interesting picture borders to make it even better look

Hair Styles 2012, short and long hair style, see how you look at different hair styles

Boys and girls today's are so fashionable. They want to change their hair styles frequently to impress their friends and relatives. You can search in google for Hair styles 2012 to see the popular ones. There are so many long and short hair styles, colorful, straight, curly designs of hair.

But do you want to change different hair styles without any damage ? See some samples and tutorials on how to change your hair styles online.

And here is the link if you want to : 

1. Change Short Hair Styles Online

2. Change Long Hair Styles Online

Change your hair styles online 2013

Change your hair styles online 2013 to become cute girl 

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to write articles, poems, jokes, quotes and present it in free templates like newpaper and magazine style

Write short articles, jokes, funny quotes, it jokes, pranks, humorous jokes, poems and present it on nice free templates

Write articles on any topics, newpaper articles, magazine articles, long quotes and greetings and write them on old paper style in vintage look

In school days, teacher taught how to write an article on a clean line paper with pencil and eraser with good hand-writting. Now it's easier to write any articles like in newspaper and magazine articles using using free paper templates.
Color paper is popular for styling articles, jokes, quotes and cover pages. Write an article or type it and place it on this beautiful free paper template
It's all-in-one free greeting cards templates. You can use it for birthday greeting cards, valentine greeting cards, anniversary, love greeting cards and other any type of good wishes and message greeting cards. Jus use this free templates for any purposes. It supports a photo, headline and body for your messages and wishes.
This is fantasy greeting cards whish is colorful and attractive. It's like 123 greetings i.e. choose free templates, write article head and body and formate it.

A scrap paper hanging on notice board with some messages. Use this notice paper for short articles, notes, jokes, poems, sms, funny quotes, comedies etc as  free templates.

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Dashain Greetings Cards and Wishes
Dashain Greetings Cards Maker